Beiträge Mineralogen-Tagung in Syktyvkar (Russland)

Poster und Proceedings von der Mineralogen-Tagung in Syktyvkar (Russland)

Modern Problems of Theoretical, Experimental, and Applied Mineralogy
(Yushkin Readings — 2020, Dec. 7-10 )



An eight kilogram chunk and more: evidence for a new class of iron silicide meteorites from the Chiemgau impact strewn field (SE Germany). F. Bauer, M. Hiltl, M.A. Rappenglück, K.Ernstson

Chiemite – a high PT carbon impactite from shock coalification/carbonization of impact target vegetation. K. Ernstson, T.G. Shumilova

Artifact-in-impactite: a kind of impact rock. Evidence from the Chiemgau meteorite impact in southeast Germany.B. Rappenglück, M. Hiltl, K. Ernstson

Evidence of meteorite impact-induced thermal shock in quartzK. Ernstson